Kabimba Tribunal Report is Trash – Changala

Brebner Changala
Brebner Changala
One the complainants in the Tribunal constituted to probe Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba’s alleged abuse of office and breach of the oath of secrecy, Brebner Changala has described the tribunal as a sham and its findings as a trash.

The tribunal chaired by Judge Evans Hamaundu today presented its report to President Michael Sata and the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Mr Changala has told QFM News in a walk-in interview that he together with his fellow complainant Lucky Mulusa have not been availed with the report of the tribunal despite being promised to be availed with the report.

Mr Changala says he suspects that tribunal is hiding some especially that he has information that the report has no recommendation and has cleared Mr Kabimba of the allegations leveled against him.

He states that the perception being created by refusing to avail the complainants with the report is that there is something being hidden.

Mr Changala adds that it clear now that the tribunal’s outcome was predetermined and was a sheer waste of time.

He has further accused Judge Hamaundu of hijacking the tribunal proceedings by refusing the complaints the opportunity to call witnesses.