Freedom fighters back President Sata’s parentage

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Freedom fighters back President Sata’s parentage


Kasama, February, 20, 2014, ZANIS —–   Concerned Freedom fighters in Kasama have dispelled assertions that Patriotic Front (PF) President Michael Chilufya Sata’s parents are from Tanzania.



NORTHERN Province Freedom Fighters Association Vice Chairman Daniel Mutale  says those who were saying that Mr. Sata’s parents were from Tanzania did not know him too well.



The freedom fighter says he personally stayed with Mr. Sata’s family in Mpika and at no time did he discover that the president’s parents hailed from Tanzania.



Mr. Mutale was referring to a report in one of the daily tabloids attributed to a named opposition political party leader indicating that president Sata’s parents came from Tanzania.



He has advised people talking about the origin of president’s Sata’s parents to stop misleading the nation as they have no proof over the matter.



Mr Mutale appealed to Zambians not to be swayed by what he referred to as cheap politics by people who were not happy with the development initiatives that President Michael Sata has brought in the country.



The Freedom Fighter said President Michael Sata has demonstrated a good style of leadership since he came into office adding that all forward looking citizens needed to embrace his mantle of leadership so that the country can develop to greater heights.



Meanwhile, Mr Mutale has appealed to the youths in the country to rally behind the president so that he can fulfill a number of development initiatives he promised them during campaigns in 2011.



He said the youths should desist from being used as tools to cause trouble in the nation adding that such tendencies were retrogressive to development.