Zambia gets kudos for ICT development

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Minister of Transport, Works and Supply Yamfwa Mukanga has observed that the African region has continued being an active player in the global agenda for Information Communication Technology (ITCs).

Mr. Mukanga said Zambia, like the rest of the continent, has also greatly benefited from associating herself with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in the communication sector in the region.

He was speaking today at Hotel Intercontinental during the official opening ceremony of the first African preparatory meeting for the ITU plenipotentiary conference hosted by Zambia.

He said Zambia, through such international collaboration in the communication sector, has seen a total surface area of 79.4 percent of the country covered by the mobile signal in 2013.

Mr. Mukanga stated that Zambia further recorded a marked increase in investments towards telecom networks expansion in the data transmission market total of 7,385 kilometres of optic fibre cables which were laid in Zambia by the end of 2013.

And speaking at the same meeting, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Secretary General Hamadoun Toure said the preparatory meeting for the ITU plenipotentiary conference is a huge task and has big issues that Africa need to look at with keen interest.

Dr. Toure said the region should continue with the coordination works as a region and do so more consistently and with greater effort and support from all member states.

He also praised the Zambian government for the strides it was making in developing the communication sector which he said was vital for economic development of any given country.