Govt to supply computers to primary schools

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott

Vice President Guy Scott says Government will ensure that schools are supplied with computers so that computer literacy programmes which have become part of the education curriculum are taught throughout all basic schools.
Dr Scott noted that the majority of the over 2, 000 basic schools across the country have basic common problems of computer illiteracy.

The Vice President said this when he visited Kamaila Primary School in Katuba Constituency on Feb 19th to drum up support for Patriotic Front candidate, Moses Chilando, in the forthcoming Katuba Parliamentary by elections.

The Vice President was saddened to learn that Kamaila Primary School in Katuba Constituency only has three uninstalled computers to cater for nearly 1, 200 pupils that are enrolled at the school.

Dr Scott has since directed primary school authorities across the country to begin instructing pupils in computer literacy programmes.

“There is need to produce computer literate pupils. Three computers for over 1, 000 pupils is asking for much. There is information on how to access computers; we have a cheaper source through an NGO and schools need to benefit from that,” said the Vice President.

And Dr Scott has assured teachers in the country that government will address the lack of accommodation and inadequate school infrastructure in order for them to provide quality education.

“Building schools costs money. We are trying to put in place long term measures that will ensure that good schools are built to provide a necessary environment for learning so that pupils can go beyond basic school level,” the Vice President said.

He said the PF Government inherited a lot of problems which Government is trying to fix for the benefit of all Zambians which he said comes at a great financial cost.

Dr Scott, however, commended the school authorities for devising morning and afternoon sessions to ensure that the over 1, 000 pupils at the school get decent education.

Earlier, Kamaila Primary School head teacher, Jolly Luzungu, informed the Vice President that the school only has three computers that were donated by Protea Safari Lodge.

Mrs Luzungu also appealed to Government to help repair the dilapidated school infrastructure and help build housing units for teachers who are currently renting run down village structures and occupying classrooms, a situation which has deprived pupils of learning space.

Meanwhile, the Vice President assured people of Kamaila that Government will endeavour to bring development to the area in order to uplift people’s living standards.