Elephants terrorise Sioma

elephant in the Lower Zambezi National Park.jpg
elephant in the Lower Zambezi National Park.jpg

A herd of three elephants has terrorised three villages in Sioma District in Western Province, destroying maize crop.

District Commissioner, Mutomena Mubiana, confirmed the development to ZANIS in Mongu today and identified the affected areas as Mashika, Nakando and Mwanambao.

Mr Mubiana said he also received similar reports from other villages in the district, adding that the matter needed urgent attention from the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA).

He said the local ZAWA officers have limited capacity to control the situation citing inadequate man power.

Sioma Area Warden, Luckson Ng’andu, who also confirmed the incident, said officers have since been despatched to the affected areas to assess the damage.