Zesco warns against illegal backyard connections

illegal electricity connections
illegal electricity connections

ZESCO has warned against use of electricity in backyard businesses because this is causing an overload on the utility’s system.
Company spokesperson Henry Kapata also said in an interview yesterday that Zesco has replaced the cables which got burnt in Lusaka’s Ng’ombe as a result of an overload.
“We have replaced the burnt cables and our intention is to install another transformer to supplement the existing one which has seen better days and requires replacement. These are facilities that have been in existence for the past 40 years,” Mr Kapata said.
He said the cables got burnt because of the business activities taking place in people’s homes and backyards such as welding and hair salons.
“Of course Zesco encourages entrepreneurship but the cables cannot take any more loads, hence the pressure on the cables made them to burn,” Mr Kapata said.
Meanwhile, Mr Kapata said Kitwe mayor Chileshe Bweupe allegedly misdirected himself when he denounced the power utility on Kitwe’s Yaa FM radio over the installation of pre-paid meters on street and traffic lights.
“Allow me to remind the mayor of Kitwe with due respect that a cabinet circular was issued on August 10, 2009, instructing all government institutions to allow Zesco to replace credit meters with prepaid meters.
“It is a current policy that all electricity accounts should be on pre-paid metering and street lights and traffic lights are no exception,” Mr Kapata said.
He added: “Our Zesco offices on the Copperbelt are doing pretty good in line with government policy.”
Mr Kapata wondered why street and traffic lights should be an exception when clinics, police stations and residential areas are on pre-paid meters.