Water levels on Lake Mweru Wantipa threaten to dry up as govt releases K 800, 000 to improve the situation

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  Water levels on in Lake Mweru-Wantipa in Kaputa district have un-expectedly  gone to an all time low their by threatening lives of the surrounding communities in the area.


And  government has  in this wake moved in  to cushion the impact by releasing  K800, 000 for water refilling exercise  on the economically important Lake .

Kaputa Member of Parliament Maxis Ng’onga who confirmed the development in an interview yesterday  in Kaputa District said this development   has greatly affected  Kaputa and Nsama districts respectively since the areas depend solely on the same lake for their survival.


Mr. Ng’ onga said he was however thankful to government  for moving in quickly by releasing  the money through  the through the Provincial administration in Northern Province  to refill the water levels on the lake.


Mr. Ng’onga said  the exercise is for  restoring the water levels  in the lake which he said has almost dried up.

“ This is why government working with the administration in the two districts has intensified means to restock water in the lake through the allocation of the K800, 000, “ said.

Mr. Ng’onga said a total of K2 million will however be needed for the entire exercise and noted that the two districts might consider some funding from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) ) from Kaputa and Chimbamilonga constituency  to finance the project.

He explained that the water for refilling the lake will come from Kalungushi River through the Mofwe Lagoons.

Mr. Ng’onga said they will dig ridges from Kalungwishi River which will be depositing water into the Lake.

Lake Mweru Wantipa which was the main stay of the people of Kaputa and now Nsama district through fishing activities is drying at a very fast rate.