Police deployed at Kafue weigh bridge to enforce the toll collection

Kafue weigh bridge
Kafue weigh bridge

Eight policemen have been deployed at Kafue Weigh Bridge in order to enforce the toll fee collection by the Road Development Agency (RDA).

RDA Station Supervisor, Jeff Mwitumwa Mataa confirmed the development interview with Zanis this morning in Chikankata District.

Mr Mataa said that initially drivers used to abscond from paying toll fees at the Weigh Bridge, but with the engagement of Zambia Police there has been tremendous improvement in toll fee collection.

The deployed policemen have been stationed in selected areas as well as the weigh bridge itself to enforce the system on those that abscond from the toll fee collection.

Mr Mataa said all vehicles weighing 6.5 tonnes and over are supposed to pay toll fees as long as they are passing through a weigh bridge.

“The toll fee-exercise is in two phases. The first stage is where all vehicles, whether small or heavy duty trucks, are subjected to payment of a toll fee either at a weigh bridge or point of entry. The second stage will include light vehicles (class I) and will commence once the construction of 18 new toll gates are completed,” he said.

Mr Mataa added that motorists will be required to pay a toll fee whenever they venture onto the Great North and the Great East Road,” he said.

He further explained that the only vehicles exempted from paying tolls include the President and Vice President’s motorcades, military Vehicles, and road contractors.

The supervisor stressed that toll fees are paid whenever the vehicle is passing through a weigh bridge whether it is loaded or not

“There is great improvement in the system as compared to when it began because more people are now cooperative although there are still some who have received it with mixed feelings,” he said.

And Samuel Banda, a cross-border truck driver, revealed that the introduction of toll fees in the country was good because it will enable the government expand and improve the road network in the country.

However, Shiziba Tshangane, another motorist, expressed displeasure that the system is inconveniencing and time consuming as it delays him since he has to join a queue when he reaches the weigh bridge in order for him to pay the toll fees.

Mr Mataa confirmed that toll fees are standard according to the size of the vehicle. He said the fees range from K15 to K25O per vehicle.

He confirmed that at Kafue Weigh Bridge about K500 000 is collected from tolls collection every month.

He urged the citizens of Zambia to comply with the collection of tolls throughout the country and assured that the money collected is for the development of the country and the benefit of every citizen at large.