Hunger hits 2,500 Serenje families

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mushroom man, Serenje.jpg

ABOUT 2,500 families in Serenje District have been hit with hunger following a drought during the last farming season.
Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwewa said some areas in Katota, Chikunde, Mapepala and Chief Muchinda had been hit with hunger and were in need of relief food.
He said some areas in the valley were wallowing in hunger and people were surviving on wild fruits and pumpkins.
“At first the hunger was in the valleys but after being serviced the people in the valley are safe but people in other areas have also run out of food,” Mr Mwewa said.
He said the district committee met and made recommendations to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to send relief food to the area.
The district commissioner said hunger had stalked about 2,500 families that were surviving on pumpkins.
He said the pumpkins were not enough to sustain the people in the area.
Mr Mwewa said hunger was mainly caused by drought experienced in the area during the last farming season when most crops failed to germinate.
In December last year, people in the district received 100 tonnes of relief maize after  hunger hit the area, especially in the valley.
The district experienced drought in some parts while in the valley there was heavy rainfall that led to crop failure.