Tomorrow investments to re-do works

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-Chambeshi Water and Sewerage
Company has ordered Tomorrow Investments to re-do some portions of
works on the water supply and sanitation system rehabilitation project
in Kaputa district which do not meet the required standards.

Director of Technical Services at Chambeshi Water and Sewerage
Company, Willard Mutoka said as a client, the company not
satisfied with the laying of pipes in certain portions.

He said the contractor did not meet standard guidelines of 800
millimeters in laying the pipes but instead only did
300 millimeters in some portions.

Mr. Mutoka has since directed the contractor and the consultant of the
project to re-do the portion which did not meet guidelines.

He observed that it would be costly on the part of government if the works were left in the current state as they are exposed to vandalism.

He explained that the company wants to see value for money and help
government realize the Vision 2030 of seeing people having equal
access to safe and clean drinking water.

Mr. Mutoka said this after a team from the consultant, client, and
contractors conducted a site visit of the project in Kaputa yesterday.

He has meanwhile commended the contractor for the pace at which the
approved works of excavation and pipe laying is progressing.

Meanwhile, Site Engineer from Tomorrow Investments Pearson Mumba promised to work on the portion that needs re-doing.

And Sydney Mudenda, a Director from Allione who are the Supervising Engineers for the project said works were on track but is concerned  with the delay by
government to make a decision on the source of the water intake.

Mr. Mudenda said this might cause some delays in the project and
has since urged Chambeshi Water to intensify negotiations with
government on the issue.

Government has awarded Tomorrow Investments the project to work on the
27.6 million Water Supply and Sanitation System in Kaputa district.