Sata enjoys power, can’t give new constitution – Saunders

Dante Saunders
Political Analyst Dante Saunders has charged that President Michael Sata does not want to give the people of Zambia a new constitution because of the powers he enjoys under the current constitution.

Mr. Saunders has told Qfm news that the challenges the country is currently facing emanate from the bad constitution which is in place.

He states that as long as Zambians allow the PF government not to give them a new constitution they should forget about the problems they are facing going away.

Mr. Saunders says the sooner the people of Zambia have a proper constitution in place which will reduce the powers of the President, the better it will be for the country.

He states that the country cannot invest all the powers as outlined in Article 268 of the current constitution in the President stressing that this is recipe for dictatorship.

Mr. Saunders has since encouraged Zambians not to give up the fight for the constitution.