Muchinga grade 12 results elate govt

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Muchinga grade 12 results elate govt
Isoka, February 15, 2014, ZANIS…GOVERNMENT has congratulated Muchinga
Province for its good performance during the 2013 Grade 12 national
examinations .

The province has however bee challenged to aim at achieving a pass rate of 80 percent and above in the 2014 national examinations.

Muchinga Permanent Secretary Bwalya Ng’andu says the Provincial
administration is proud of the work of the teachers in the province.

He was speaking in Isoka yesterday during the stakeholders meeting to
review the 2013 Grade 12 examination performance held at Isoka Boys
Secondary School.

The meeting was attended by District Education Board Secretaries
(DEBS) school head teachers, teachers, Parent Teachers Associations
(PTAs) and other education stakeholders from all the 7
districts in the province.

Dr. Ng’andu said that Muchinga with a Grade 12 pass rate of 69.16
percent was the top province in the country.

He said that this result also reveals that Muchinga increased its pass
rate from a 63 percent record in 2012 representing a 6 percent increase.

Dr. Ng’andu added that the province moved from the
number three position in 2012 to be number one countrywide  saying the
achievement was worth celebrating.

The Permanent Secretary said his administration would want all the
teachers in the province to continue with their commitment and
dedication to duty.

Dr. Ng’andu said he believes that Muchinga Province has capacity even
to do even better this year than last year.

Dr. Ng’andu said he was aware that education delivery in the province
is being done against a back ground of various challenges such as low
accessibility to secondary school education due to a limited number of

He said that the other challenge is lack of transport for
standards officers which he is said is impacting negatively on
monitoring to ensure adherence to standards.

" The other challenge is that our schools experience low staffing
levels as we struggle to retain teachers in these schools since there
is a certain amount of preference for destinations in urban parts of
the country," said Dr. Ng’andu.

Dr. Ng’andu also announced the upgrading of 22 basic schools to
secondary schools in the province saying Government will also build five
houses at each of the 22 basic schools to be upgraded into secondary

Dr. Ngándu also announced that as a partial solution to meeting the
problem of teacher shortage, Government has approved the opening up of
a private primary school teachers training college in Mpika called
Trinity College.

Provincial Education Officer Jobbicks Kalumba said teachers in
the province were determined and committed to improving the education
standards in the province.

Mr. Kalumba said teachers and education administrators in the province
want Muchinga to be the pace setter in as far as the delivery of
quality education is concerned.

Mr. Kalumba also announced that his office will institute disciplinary
action for head teachers schools in the province whose schools performed badly
during the 2013 national examinations.

And giving a vote of thanks, Chinsali Head teacher Kalale Katebe said
head teachers in the province have pledged total commitment to duty.

Head teachers presented their individual Grade 12, 2013 results
analysis during the meeting with Mwenzo Girls Secondary school of
Nakonde district topping the list as the best performing school with
100 percent Grade 12 pass rate.

Lwitikila Girls Secondary school, a Catholic Mission school of Mpika
came second at 97 Percent followed by Isoka Boys on third position
and fourth is Mpika Boys secondary school.