Man sued over witchcraft accusations


A 47-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Garden Township has dragged her neighbour to court after he accused her of practising witchcraft.
Her neighbour had also allegedly threatened to kill her.
Adah Ngulube told the court that on December 23, 2013, Ngenda Nginga went to her house carrying two machetes in an attempt to kill her for allegedly being a witch.
This was in a case where Ngulube, 47, sued Nginga of the same area for defamation of character as well as death threats.
The two were good neighbours but trouble started when Nginga accused Ngulube’s son of having a love affair with his daughter.
Ngulube told the court that on December 23, 2013 Nginga accused her of being a witch who was hiding his daughter after she had allegedly been missing for same months.
She submitted that Nginga had even boasted that he was a dagga-smoker who was willing to kill the plaintiff without fearing any consequences from the law-enforcers.
“I am scared of this man because he has threatened to take my life on several occasions,” Ngulube said. “This man fears nobody and he is feared by almost everyone. which gives him the power to insult anyone regardless of the age.”
But in his defence, Nginga told the court that he never threatened to kill Ngulube but all he wanted was his daughter who was at that moment staying with Ngulube’s son.
Nginga told the court that he had told her on several occasions to warn her son to stay away from his daughter but she never listened until his son eloped with his daughter.
He told the court that his daughter was still young and he wanted her to continue with her studies but Ngulube’s son eloped with her.
“My daughter is only 14 years old, I wanted her to complete her studies so that she could live a successful life,” he said.
But when passing judgment, magistrate Petronella Kalyelye, sitting with Lewis Mumba, ordered Nginga to compensate Ngulube with K500 for defaming her and ordered him not to issue death threats.