Residents left in the dark after ZESCO installs prepaid meters


Chilubi residents in Northern Province have nowhere to buy electricity units following the installations of prepaid meters by Zesco in the area two weeks ago.

This came to light when hundreds of Chilubi residents stormed ZANIS offices yesterday to air their grievances on the matter.

One of the residents, Bwalya Mulenga, complained that the utility company only installed new meters without providing them with where to buy electricity units.

Mr Bwalya said each time they go to ZESCO offices they do not give them any promising answers.

Joseph Mutumwa also said he did not understand why the company decided to install prepaid meters in the area without showing people where to buy the units.

And Matanga Kapampa said he was now stuck because the newly installed meters are also not yet activated to enable them enter the units they are buying from other districts.

Mr Kapamapa further described the situation as unfair as it has made their life difficult, adding that it has also affected their operations that require power.

When contacted, Chilubi district Zesco Manager, Gilbert Muyunda, advised people with such problems to follow the right channel by taking all the complaints to his office than going to other offices.

Mr Muyunda also advised people in the area to be buying units from Zesco agents who are very much available in the district such MTN, and Aitel mobile money or Xapit accounts.