Munali MP happy with Kucetekela Foundation work

Kucetekela Foundation
Kucetekela Foundation

Munali Member of Parliament Nkandu Luo has disclosed that government is happy with the role which Kucetekela Foundation was playing in Kalikiliki compound in Lusaka.

Professor Luo, who is also Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, said most communities in Zambia live under the poverty datum line hence the need for private organization to help complement government efforts of reducing poverty among Zambians.

She said this today in a speech read on her behalf by her Deputy Minister, Susan Kawandami, during the workshop organized by the President Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR).

Prof. Luo expressed gratitude at the noble cause which Kucetekela Foundation was carrying out in the community of Kalikiliki.

She commended the foundation for rekindling the hope of many students which it has sponsored in competitive schools.  She further commended volunteers of Kalikiliki literacy project for working tirelessly to teach the children who would otherwise not be in a position to go to school.

Prof. Luo said government was also grateful that the Kucetekela Foundation was including HIV/AIDS in its education programmes.

She explained that the alleviation of poverty, amelioration of HIV/AIDS and access to universal primary education stand out as priorities for many national governments in the world over, Zambia inclusive.

She noted that Zambia has, together with other nations in the world, registered interest in heightening the fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS as well as promoting universal access to education by signing international charters and treaties including the Millennium Development Goals.

She challenged the community volunteers to take the workshop seriously, and go back to their community to disseminate the right information in the right way.