3 Lusaka bandits gunned down

Police gun robber
Police gun robber

THREE armed criminals have been killed while six others were left with injuries after they attempted to steal from Chinese nationals in two different incidences.
Police public relations officer Charity Chanda said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that the incidents happened at two farms belonging to Chinese nationals along Mumbwa Road.
Mrs Chanda said the first incident happened at Sunlight Farm where five suspected criminals broke into a warehouse at the farm with intentions of stealing.
“The owner of the farm was awakened by dogs which were barking followed by a gunshot. In retaliation, he fired towards the storeroom with the aim of scaring the criminals away and in the process shooting one of them dead,” she said.
The body of the deceased was found lying in the storeroom on top of soya beans bags with a knife besides it.
And in the other incident, four criminals armed with a firearm and machetes hacked five people at Point and Lime Technologies quarry in an attempt to steal from the company.
Mrs Chanda said a fight ensued and that the Chinese nationals were later assisted by farm workers after sounding the alarm.
“The victims managed to sound an alarm and the farm workers came to the rescue of the Chinese nationals, beating two of the criminals to death,” she said
Mrs Chanda  said two of the criminals were beaten to death while the other two escaped.
She said two masks, a pistol revolver, empty cartridges and a projectile were recovered from both scenes.
Both incidents happened on Wednesday between midnight and 02 hours.
Police have instituted investigations in the matter and have called on members of the public with information that would lead to the arrest of the criminals to report.
“A man hunt for the criminalswho escaped has been launched and the bodies of those who died are lying in the University Teaching Hospital (UTH). The injured persons are receiving treatment at the same hospital,” Mrs Chanda said.