Mpongwe DC calls for modern trends of work in civil service.

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Mpongwe District Commissioner George Nsali has instructed all government departments in the district to adapt to modern trends of work ahead of this year’s 50th Jubilee Independence celebrations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nsali has said it is shameful for Mpongwe to still be lacking essential infrastructure such as bus stations 17 years after being declared a district.

The District Commissioner has since implored all civil servants in the district to step up their efforts aimed at ensuring that Mpongwe develops a new face in the year 2014.

Speaking during a District Development Coordinating Committee DDCC meeting, Mr. Nsali further stressed on the need for all Civil servants to effectively and efficiently implement the Patriotic Front’s manifesto.

“I want to urge you to shift the gear up this year, a lot of people depend on you because your presence propels this district, this province and this nation forward,” he said.

Mr. Nsali added that the public expects a lot from civil servants hence the need for them to work extra hard and match the public’s expectations of sustainable development.