Govt to spend 8.3 m on FM transmitters

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Govt to spend 8.3 m on FM transmitters

Lusaka, February 12, 2014,ZANIS——–Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Mwansa Kapeya says government will spend 8.3 million kwacha in installing FM transmitters country- wide  to enhance radio reception.



Mr Kapeya disclosed this during the launch of the World Radio day which is commemorated on the 13th of February world wide.



He explained that Zambia’s participation in the commemoration of the world radio day is a clear testimony of governments commitment in improving the leaving standards of the people through the use of radio.



Mr Kapeya said the day provides an important platform for humanity to raise awareness of the importance of radio in national development as well as drawing attention to the unique value of radio.



The world radio day is being commemorated under the theme “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Radio”.



Mr Kapeya said it is gratifying to note that the theme is in line with the PF agenda of empowering women with information so as to enable them participate effectively in the governance and development of the country.



The minister said radio is an important tool that women can use to obtain information that will help them move out of poverty and make their voices heard.



Mr Kapeya said the creation of the ministry of gender and child development is evidence enough to show governments commitment in empowering the womenfolk.



He further said Zambia stands as a shining example in the region and beyond with women heading high profile position in important government institutions.


And Mr Kapeya says Zambia has 70 radio station and 10 television stations country wide.



He noted that the favorable policies initiated by the PF government have contributed in the creation of radio and television stations country wide.



The minister has since appealed to radio stations country wide to aspire for the highest level of ethics and professionalism as they inform and educate the nation.



“The radio stations should not be used as a platform to forment disunity and disharmony in the country’’, said Mr Kapeya.



Meanwhile, government has saluted UNESCO for supplement its  efforts of establishing radio stations in the far flung areas.



He cited Samfya community radio station in Luapula province and Kwenje radio station in Muchinga province as some of the stations UNESCO has helped to establish.