‘Don’t attack fire fighters’ – Mulenga Sata


LUSAKA Deputy Mayor Mulenga Sata has called for calm and tolerance among Lusaka residents who attack fire officers whenever they arrive late at fire accident scenes.
Mr Sata described the behaviour as retrogressive, adding that the delays are mainly caused by late communication by the community and traffic congestion on most of the roads.
He was speaking in Lusaka on Tuesday when Noble Charities of the United States of America handed over firefighting equipment, all valued at K250,000, to the Lusaka Fire Brigade.
The equipment is meant to help the fire brigade deliver quality services to the community.
“l appeal to our residents to consider these pieces of equipment that are procured at great expense and donated with great commitment as theirs .
“This equipment costs money and we should, therefore, guard it jealously,” Mr Sata said.
The equipment includes one fire engine truck, 20 helmets, 20 tunics, 20 gloves, and pieces of literature.
There were also 20 fire boots, 20 safety belts, and emergency search lights, among others.
Mr Sata said the capital city was undergoing progressive changes economically and socially due to the favourable environment for doing business, hence the need to have the state-of-the-art firefighting equipment to effectively respond to emergencies.
Noble Charities representative, Desmond Noble said he was happy to donate the fire truck to Lusaka Fire Brigade as it would help save lives and also protect people’s property from damage for many years to come.
Fire Service Union of Zambia secretary general Clement Mulenga said the burden on fire service delivery in the capital city was compounded by the fact that the Lusaka Fire Brigade also catered for places beyond its borders.
Mr Mulenga said the population in the city had expanded to about three million people while the fire brigade service delivery had remained stagnant.

Times of Zambia