Corridor, Anaplasmosis diseases claims 41 cattle in Chisamba.

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Over 41animals died last year in Chipilepile village in Chisamba district due to corridor and Anaplasmosis diseases.

Village Headman Mathews Mutakwa disclosed that the number of animals that died could be more as some cattle owners did not report the loss of their animals to him.

The headman has since appealed to government to quickly build a dip tank in the area to avoid further loss of livestock.

He said officers from the Veterinary department in 2010 requested the villagers to organize building materials n for of bricks to construct a dip tunk which they did.

He complained that the officers have since abandoned the area leaving the farmers to use only one remedy which is spraying the animals.

The headman said spraying animals is not very effective hence the need for quick government intervention as most people in the area have no formal jobs but depend on livestock.

Meanwhile, Headman Mutakwa is appealing to government to construct a bridge to prevent the area from being cut off especially in the rain season as the Chipilepile stream gets flooded.

He said the lack of a bridge makes it difficult for villagers to access the clinic adding that the stream also poses a danger to school going children.

Headman Mutakwa also bemoaned the inadequate number of schools in the area adding that the nearest school which is Munano Basic School is located five km away from the village.

He said most children do not go to school because of the long distance.

In another development, Headman Mutakwa has bemoaned the low number of people sending their children to school because there were rumours that the areas had wild beasts.

Meanwhile, Munano Basic School Head-teacher Milambo Mboozi confirmed that pupils absconded school from July to December last year for fear of being attacked by lions