Poor workmanship on Mansa cultural village irks DC

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—Mansa District Commissioner, Mirriam Kauseni, has expressed sadness at the quality of works at the Mansa Cultural Village structure situated in Kabuta area of Bahati Constituency of Mansa district.

The District Commissioner said she had earlier issued instructions for the replacement of the poorly made doors and the locking system to the structure but her instructions have fallen on deaf ears.

Ms Kauseni said the structure had so far gobbled K312,000.00  but the it has been poorly done.

She observed that even the ceiling was too low for the type of activities which would be taking place at the facility.

Ms Kauseni observed that the doors were not lockable and the structure was poorly done and already the roof was licking which needed attention before the structure could even be completed.

She the cultural village was extended from the structure through the river and the space available will have a lodge and chiefs’ chalets as the facility was going to service the youth who were not economically active to keep them busy.

And Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Officer, Tobias Tembo, said the cultural village will have a number of facilities which will include studios, a stage and main auditorium.

Mr Tembo said the facility will be a monumental achievement in the district because once it was completed a lot of people in the creative industry will have a place to produce creative products.

He said the facility was handy as currently the whole province has no place where talented people could go to develop their talents.

Mr Tembo said many young people will find jobs because most of the people in the arts depend on their talent to survive and earn a living.