HH distances himself from President Sata’s alleged illness assertion

hakainde hichilema
hakainde hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichelem has distanced himself from assertions that he wished President Michael Sata ill health.


Mr. Hichilema said it is normal and human for anyone to fell sick hence there be no need for anyone to become emotional and too sensitive over someone’s illness especially when one is a public officer.


ZANIS reports that the opposition leader said this in a statement made available  in Lusaka on Feb 9th..


He said mocking someone over their health status is sad and unacceptable especially in a civilized society like Zambia’s.


Mr. Hichilema said he and his party, the UNPD do not subscribe to such behavior.


He claimed that his alleged comments over the health of president Michael Sata was misconstrued in order to divert people’s attention from matters of national interest that have surfaced lately.


Mr. Hichilema recalled that the issue came about via a question from a journalist at the last press briefing at the UPND secretariat when he was asked to comment on speculation that State House was not been sincere to the public on whether or not President Sata was unwell and his whereabouts.


Mr. Hichilema said his response was to ask State House to clear the air on the whereabouts of the President and definitely, state whether the President was unwell given that he is a public asset.


He said that the UPND also indicated that if the President was unwell, then Zambians should pray for his quick recovery and that the UPND wished the President well for him to govern up to 2016.


Mr. Hichilema stated that the UPND further indicated that it would like to defeat President Sata and the Patriotic Front at the 2016 elections given his alleged failure to meet many of his campaign promises and overall poor governance of the PF.


He claimed the sickness issue is aimed at diverting the attention of Zambians from demanding for a people driven constitution.



  1. Thats what HH said but i have started to wonder as to what type of leaders or supporters PF has because most times they dont discuss anything of national important seriously & they always give useless answers to any serious questions the society & the opposition raises. This makes me to wonder weather they understand why they are in govt? Some scholars atribute good governance to affectively provide good services & answerable to their electrolate. When a government becomes emotional on many national matters its an indicator of failure. PF should not think that they being government are highly qualified to underate anyone who questions they are actions. Any ear which doesnt get an advice follows the head to the grave when the head is cut off. Be forewarned.

    • Its very wise to be quiet and humble than say things which you later wonder why you said so most importantly LOVE, so HH should have just remained silent but now he has degraded himself NO WISDOM!

    • As a leader HH has the mandate to answer to questions when asked so for PF to make this as if HH was the author or genesis of the same is lack of seriousness or lack of things to do on part of government