Man fined K9,000 for sleeping with best friend’s wife

Magistrates Court

A Thirty-six-YEAR-OLD man of Chaminuka in Chongwe District has sued his best friend for adultery after he discovered that he was having an affair with his wife.

The man told the court that for a long time he had suspected his friend, who was also married to his wife’s best friend, of having sex with his wife whenever he was not home.
This is in a case where Isaac Njovu sued Michael Mbewe, 33, of the same area for adultery after he discovered that the latter was committing adultery with his wife.
Facts before the court were that Njovu and Mbewe were workmates but in 2009 Mbewe and Njovu’s wife started having an affair until 2013 when Njovu caught them red-handed.
He told the court that he confronted his friend on the issue and they sat with elders where it was decided that he compensates him with K8,000.
Njovu said Mbewe only paid K1,000 and started insulting him saying he was the one who was supporting his wife and her family.
“He told me that he was the one who was supporting my wife because she was given to him by my mother-in-law whom he said he was also supporting,” he said.
When his wife was asked as to why she was having an unfair with Mbewe, she said that she needed money to pay for her uniform at church.
She said Mbewe had been supporting her financially but she suspected that he had been using black magic to entice her as she never thought she would betray her husband.
“I love my husband and I still want to stay with him. This man was blackmailing me to be having an affair with him,” she said.
In his defence, Mbewe told the court that he started going out with Njovu’s wife because it was his mother-in-law who initiated the relationship.
Mbewe said his mother-in-law used to demand for things from him and in turn offered her daughter, hence the relationship.
“Whenever I go to Lusaka her mother used to call me demanding for all sorts of things, which I always bought for her on condition that I and her daughter continued having an affair,” he said.
Passing judgment, magistrate Patronella Kalyelye ordered Mbewe to compensate Njovu K9,000 for committing adultery with his wife.