LCC to start charging " erring " Bars and night clubs

Zambia, Lusaka, Independence Ave, Civic Centre
Zambia, Lusaka, Independence Ave, Civic Centre

Lusaka City Council has paused charges on the bars and night clubs that will be opening early and closing late in the city.

Speaking in an interview to Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager Mulunda Habeenzu said the LCC have implemented civil laws on bars and night clubs that are to be followed and if they are broken punishment is given.

Mr. Habeenzu said the normal time for the bars to be operating is from 10hrs to 22hrs and night clubs is from 16hrs to 24hrs.


Most councils in the country have  un- implimented by laws such as public nuisance laws that have affected the councils smooth operations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Habeenzu says  bars and night clubs next to  churches will be demolished.


He said the council will demolish the infrastructures if they are found not operating  under the conditions they were built at  first.


Many bars and night clubs in the city  are operating next to churches and they disturb church services with their loud music , among others.

He also appealed to the parents not be sending there children to the bars and urged the operators to be very careful when allowing the youths to enter their bars.

Mr Habeenzu has since advised youths in the country to divert their energies in productive activities that will contribute to the growth and economical development of the nation unlike spending their time and energies on beer drinking.