The opposition Alliance won’t-work-PF

Opposition political parties in Zambia
Opposition political parties in Zambia

 The Patriotic Front (PF) in    Kawambwa District says the recent formation of an Alliance by some  opposition political parties is a sheer waste of time as it will not  work.         District chairperson, James Kalumba says this is because people have  already seen what the PF has delivered in a short time it has been in  power.

Mr Kalumba said this in a statement to Zambia News and Information  Services (ZANIS) in Kawambwa, today.        He said  the unprecedented developments such as roads, schools, health  institutions among others taking place now unlike in the past is a  sign that the alliance cannot work because people have seen what the  PF is  doing.

  He adds that that Zambians have now seen and believed that development  is taking place in all the parts of the country even where there are  opposition MPs hence the alliance formed will not work.         Mr Kalumba says most of the roads were in deplorable state since there  were constructed before and after independence but now the PF has  rehabilitated them, reconstructed and constructed new ones.

    The opposition in the country mainly the UPND and former ruling MMD are on the recording    Of suggesting the formation of an opposition alliance aimed to unsit the PF government in 2016.         But this has not augured well with sections of the opposition with Elias Chipimo jr of NAREP condemning the idea.