President Sata’s Facebook : 07/02/14 – Situation at Kasumbalesa Border Post

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Sata - Kabila.jpg

A number of you have been contacting me in my inbox raising concern over the security situation at Kasumbalesa Border Post visa vis the recent unfortunate loss of lives.

Be assured that as Government we are equally concerned and have swiftly engaged our Congolese counterparts on the need to avert similar occurrences in future by tightening security at Kasumbalesa and ultimately preventing criminal elements from taking advantage to peddle their narrow and selfish interests.

The situation is being addressed and I therefore, appeal to all Zambians to remain calm. I have also directed all security wings to ensure that the safety of all Zambians and our neighbouring compatriots passing through our country is guaranteed. Lets maintain peace! MCS – 07/02/14