PF in Mazabuka calls for disciplinary action against three erring officers

Deputy Inspector General of Police Solomon Jere
Deputy Inspector General of Police Solomon Jere

The Ruling Patriotic Front in Mazabuka District have called on authorities in the area to discipline three named police officers from Mazabuka Central Police station after they allegedly tortured a 35 year old woman while in detention at the station.

Meanwhile, District Commissioner Eugene Munyama has called for calm among the residents of Mazabuka Township that are threatening to take the law in their hands following the alleged torture of the woman in the area last week.

This was after an allegation that she bought a radio cassette that was stolen from a local businessman Suleman Bhagoo.

ZANIS reports from Mazabuka District that Patriotic Front District Chairperson Gift Hanziba confirmed the dev elopement in an interview today.

Mr. Hanziba said that the ruling party in the district is concerned with reports of police officers that have continued to subject suspects to inhuman treatment in their attempt to extract information from them.

He disclosed that the incidence surrounding the alleged brutal beating of Emily Manyoni a resident of Zambia Compound is an issue that raises serious concern not only to his party to the nation as well saying the conduct by the police officers is unprofessional and regrettable.

Mr.Hanziba has since called on authorities to immediately arrest and charge the three male officers with assault as evidenced by the medical report from the District Hospital saying the law should be made to visit them because they had committed an offence.

He wondered the motive behind the transfer of the woman from the Central station to a hidden police post at Ten miles where they inflicted so much pain on the defenseless woman who denied several times that she had not purchased the radio in question.

Hanziba warned that while its party appreciates the role that is played by the police in safeguarding the lives and property of its people, the Patriotic Front party in the district will not tolerate any acts by the police that destroy and make the name of the government unpopular to its citizens.

And Southern Province P.F Provincial Youth Secretary Fred Kamera said gone are the days when the police were allowed to use force on suspects in order to extract information saying those involved in the matter involving the 35 year old should be made to account for their action.

Meanwhile Mr. Munyama in a statement on Mazabuka Community radio station this morning appealed for calm on the part of the residents as the matter gets handled by the senior police command in the province.

He charged that they were currently bad eggs at the police station who failed to handle the matter professionally saying the case was excess fully unpleasant.

And a cross section of Mazabuka residents who called in during a live phoning in program dubbed “community issues” implored the Command at the station to immediately suspend the three officers’ failure to which they would resolve to riotous behavior.

The callers charged that it was not the first time such an incidence was happening saying it is not a secret that police officers in the area have resorted to using ten miles police post located about 10 kilometers from Mazabuka township as a torturing chamber.