ZDDM suspects Sata was summoned by British Prime Minister

NACOPA interim chairperson Edwin Sakala
The opposition Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has alleged that the 14 days working holiday that president Michael Sata was announced he was spending in London may have actually been a summon by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The ZDDM says it has reason to be happy and thank Mr. Cameron to allegedly summon Mr. Sata to discuss serious concerns the opposition political party raised in its Joint complaint to the Commonwealth and its petition to the British High Commissioner in Lusaka.

ZDDM president Edwin Sakala says his party is confident now that Britain heard the opposition political party’s serious concerns to save Zambia from the alleged path of self-destruction which ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government has allegedly set Zambia on.

Mr. Sakala has told Qfm news in statement that it is also the hope of his party that Britain is now going to emulate former colonizers like France in helping to strengthen its former colonies instead of planting seeds of destabilization as some accuses had been leveled on Britain.

The ZDDM president says his party has now have further reasons to believe that the British government has finally decided to help restore the lost spirit of professionalism in the Zambian Public media, civil service, judiciary and indeed Zambia Police.

The opposition leader adds that his party, being one of the oldest political parties with the best understanding of the Zambia political background, also knows that the British government as a former colonial master can save the country from alleged self destruction.

He further adds that his party further expects President Sata to respond positively to the alleged British advice as it is aimed at saving Zambia from alleged self destruction.