Serenje residents attribute use of diapers to laziness


Disposable napkins, popularly known as diapers, have brought a lot of concern among Serenje residents who say they have brought laziness among women.

Some people talked to by ZANIS said the introduction of diapers has increased the indolence and dirtiness in number of women in cleaning their babies.

Kennedy Mkosha, a businessman, said diapers have no environmental hygiene     as most women just throw them carelessly after the baby.

Mr Nkosha added that diapers also were a source of waterborne diseases as they are carelessly disposed of.

Another Joyce Kalunga, 56, of Zambia Compound said government should quickly intervene and ensure that the disposable napkins were banned before the women could become addicted.

Barbara Kunda of Tazara Compound also advised the women of Serenje and Zambia at large that as much as they appreciate the new innovations of cloth utilities, women should be on the look-out and realize what is good and what is bad.

Meanwhile, a mobile businessman, Loyd Chisenga, said the use of diapers is one of the quick methods of cleaning babies but added that it should be only used on journeys when mothers do not have water to clean their babies and not when they are at home.

Mr Chisenga also observed that most of the women who use diapers were lazy.