Women’s Lobby calls for government to introduce sexual reproductive health in schools

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The Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) has observed the need for government to seriously consider the introduction of sexual Reproductive Health in the School Curriculum.

This follows a study that has reviewed that over seventeen thousand pupils dropped out in School last Year due to pregnancy related cases.

ZNWL Board Chairperson, Beauty Katebe Phiri says introducing sexual reproductive health in the school curriculum will help teachers discuss freely with pupils the dangers of engaging in sexual activities.

Ms. Phiri notes that it is a taboo in any Zambian culture to discuss with children about Sex and its consequences hence introducing sexual Reproductive Health in the School Curriculum will allow not only parent but teachers as well to have a lighter burden of discussing the topic with their children.

She says Women’s Lobby is disheartened that Zambia has lost it in area of morality as teachers and parents are not moving in the right direction in guiding children leading to moral decay in the country.

Ms Phiri has since called for concerted efforts from government and other stakeholders to come up with sensitization programs in schools.