Livingstone villager sentenced to 18months for pig theft

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Livingstone villager sentenced to 18months for pig theft


Livingstone February 6, 2014 ZANIS — .Livingstone Magistrate courts has sentenced a 69-year-old man of Ngwenya compound in Livingstone district to 18 months for stealing three pigs.


Resident Magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala sentenced Justine Kapai Musole  to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour after finding him guilty of stealing the domestic animals.


Musole was charged with one account of  stock theft contrary to section 275(1)(a) and 272 of the penal code of the laws of Zambia.


Particulars of the offence are that on 30th January 2014 at about 1800 hours, Ruth Henson who is a farmer and her workers secured the piggery and chicken runs, but the following day at about 03:50 hours, the workers heard noises coming from the piggery.



They drew nearer and called for more people around the farm to assist them in catching the thief.


They managed to apprehend the accused, Musole who was pushing a bicycle which had a big sack on the carrier whilst the other friend managed to run away.



With the help of a torch which they lit it was discovered that the sack contained three carcasses of pigs in various colors that the complainant identified at the Livingstone central police station where the accused was detained.



However, the accused admitted to the charges that were leveled against him and Magistrate Chiligala sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment.



The stolen pigs were valued at K1, 200.