Govt. calls on Community radio stations to relay ZNBC news

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Govt. calls on Community radio stations to relay ZNBC news

Chipata, February 6th, 2014, ZANIS —-  Government has advised community radio stations in Eastern Province to start relaying ZNBC news to their listeners.

Information and Broadcasting services Deputy Minister Poniso Njeulu says by relaying ZNBC news people in remote parts of province would have opportunity to what government was doing.

Mr. Njeulu said this in Chipata District today during his tour of community radio stations and ZANIS offices, today.

He said by relaying ZNBC news which he said has a national character  people  in the outskirts of the province would get to know the various development works being done by government.

He also encouraged radio stations in the province to enter into memorandum of understanding with the ZNBC management with a view to formalising the rebroadcasting the Corporation’s news.

The deputy minister who  has so far toured Breeze FM, Feel Free radio station and radio Chikaya in Lundazi said relaying ZNBC  news will give an opportunity to communities where the national broadcasters signal is not captured.

And Breeze FM’s proprietor Mike Daka welcomed the suggestion. Mr. Daka said the move will accord radio stations to broadcast national news as their news content is mostly concentrated around the Province.