Govt sends relief food to Pemba

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Govt sends relief food to Pemba

Pemba, February 4,2014,  ZANIS –  Villagers from Nachibanga satellite in Pemba district have praised government for the timely gesture of  sending relief food to the  hunger stricken areas.

During a courtesy call paid on Pemba district commissioner Reginald Mugoba this morning, Satellite committee chairperson Esther Mwiinga, flanked by Francis Sikasukwe who is headman Chinene, said the beneficiaries of the relief food were grateful to President Michael Sata for considering mitigating the hunger situation.

The government has sent 750 by 50 kilo gram bags of relief food to ten villages under Nachibanga satellite which have been badly hit by the hunger situation.

 Mrs  Mwiinga  said the gesture by government proved that President  Michael  Sata was a good father  who listened to his children’s cry for help and wished him God’s abundant blessings and personal good health.

And Headman Chinene said the relief food sent to the area was timely as it came when villagers were extremely hit by hunger.

He further appreciated the Non Governmental Organization Afrad engaged by government to distribute relief food for conducting the exercise in an orderly and transparent manner.

Headman Chinene  appealed to the District Commissioner  to  considering  the villages in future when another consignment of relief maize is sent to Pemba district as the people still needed it before they harvest the 2013/2014 crop.

And in response, Pemba District Commissioner  Reginald Mugoba said the Patriotic Front government always has the interests of the people especially the poor  at heart.

He assured the team that he would not hesitate to send them another consignment should the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit deliver more relief food to the district.

The entire district of Pemba received 2000 bags which were distributed to six wards  that were severely affected.

The wards that benefitted include Hamaundu, Nachibanga, Kasiya,Pemba,Maambo and Siabunkululu.

And Mr. Mugoba has since requested for more relief food from the Regional Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit in the Province in order to reach out to the remaining areas affected by hunger.