Govt. advises Senanga pupils to study hard

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Govt.  advises Senanga pupils to study hard


Senanga, 4th February, 2014, ZANIS — YOUTHS and sports Deputy Minister Christopher Mulenga says children are not the future leaders of tomorrow but the foundation of tomorrow.



Mr. Mulenga,  who is also Chinsali Constituency Member of Parliament , said if the foundation of a child is weak even the future will be weak.



The minister said this shortly after addressing civil servants and Patriotic Front party officials at Senanga High school last Friday.



The deputy minister called on pupils to be determined, study hard and pay attention to teachers and parents in order to complete school with good grades.



Mr. Mulenga said pupils will be rewarded in future if they concentrate on their studies and do away with cellphones which he said are the most distractive things.



He said success should not be associated with witchcraft as it only comes from a focused pupil who is able to overcome peer pressure.



Mr. Mulenga also pointed out that the church also plays an important role of molding someone into a respectable person, adding that God is democratic hence he gives opportunities to everyone who wants to excel in life.  



Youths and Sports Deputy Minister was in Western Province last week to check on sports infrastructures and youth resource centres.