Wachepa Villagers call for proper houses

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Wachepa Villagers call for proper houses

Chipata, February 3,2014, ZANIS… Villagers in Wachepa Village in Chief Kapatamoyo’s area have complained of continuous lack of proper housing faced by the people after their houses were demolished in 2011.


 Elizabeth Chirwa, who is Headwoman Wachepa said the villagers still leave in tents which were provided by government after their homes were demolished following a court order that they vacate the place where they were squatting as it was on title and belonged to Kabalika Nkhwengwe.


Head woman Wachepa stated that people were still squatting in tents which were also torn and the shelters were dump inside.

She further complained that the torture which the children in the area were going through will live a mark in their lives hence the need for government to quickly intervene and resolve the issue which has been pending since 2011.


“There is no office which I have not visited in Chipata with a view to cry for help because the environment the people are living in is unacceptable because even refugees live better lives once they flee from war in their countries,” she added.


She stated that  the land in question, which is farm number D-115, will be bought from Nkhwengwe for the villagers but up to now no one knows what is happening assured the villagers.


“As far as we are concerned the government surveyors who came here to look for the beacons did not find them and to us that is evident that the place is ours,” she said.


And her subject Jonathan Chinyama has  accused Chipata Central Member of Parliament Mtolo Phiri of not assisting the community to resolve the issue.


Mr. Chinyama who visibly wept said if the area MP had taken keen interest of speaking on their behalf in parliament and other forums government and other well-wishers could have come to their aid.


He further accused the offices of Provincial and District Administration of not having the interest of the people of Wachepa at heart.


Mr. Chinyama also stated that their situation is more vulnerable than that of Angolan refugees who were well looked after by government when they were in the country.


And Mr.Phiri  has appealed for President Michael Sata’s intervention as the situation of the 74 families in which they were living was an acceptable.


Mr Phiri stated that his response to the headwoman’s call was evident enough how committed he was to assist the people overcome their problem and that he will continue knocking on doors of Provincial and District Administrations so that the issue is dealt with.


He said the issue can only be resolved with concerted efforts and that there is no need blaming one institution because failure of the other will expose everyone’s failure to perform to resolve issues surrounding Wachepa village.


“I will make sure that other people are made aware of your plight that you are sleeping in tents, it is my job to ask the Provincial Minster and other senior government officials so that this issue is tackled,” he added.


He said he was aware that people in the area have no confidence in themselves and money to pay for examination fees for their children who were in examination classes as they cannot perform the family chores normally because of the predicament they were in.