School encroachment worries Umodzi Primary School authorities in Chipata

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School encroachment worries Umodzi Primary School authorities in Chipata

Chipata, February 3, 2014, ZANIS —    Umodzi Primary School authority has complained of encroachment at the school boundaries where people have constructed houses at a 500 acres.


School head Peter Nthani  confirmed the development in an interview in Chipata , today.


Mr. Nthani said that the school reported the matter to the relevant authority but nothing has been done to date.


He said teachers houses were also in shortfall forcing teachers to rent far from the school saying there is need for government to construct more houses at  the school.


Currently there are only three  staff houses against 39 teachers because monitoring is easy when teachers have houses within school premises.


He stated that the school is putting up a one  by three classroom block to create space for children which has a population of 1113 pupils.


The school is also asking for funds under Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to complete a  one by three classroom block.

And area MP Mtolo Phiri stated that the demand to have a share of CDF by schools in the constituency was overwhelming.


He however assured the school authorities to continue to  have confidence because there being left out is not intentional.


He was hopeful that the government will support the reforms in the Ministry for Education with the necessary funds to help improve infrastructure and operational costs in schools


And at Chisomo Streamside Primary School in Dilika Ward in the middle of Mchini compound, the school authorities disclosed that it is in the process of relocating to land between Chipata College of Education and Umodzi Primary School.


The school head teacher Jason Zimba said the then community school which was opened in 2000 lacked infrastructure to accommodate 1050 pupils, 415 being boys and 599 girls.


Mr Zimba said the main challenge has been infrastructure as it is open with demarcation which makes it difficult for the Ministry of Education to send desks to the schools for fear of being stolen because there were no doors.


“As you can see children sit on the floor in this open infrastructure which is more like an open one large building demarcated by half walls and there is no barrier to separate the rooms,’’ he added.


He disclosed that the pass rate at the school was encouraging because out of 86 pupils that sat for grade 7 last year 65 made it to grade eight.


He stated that the pass rate has been consistent some pupils even being selected at Chizongwe technical school and also at St Monicas.


Mr Zimba stated that the school needs support that they relocate to another place so that pupils can have a good learning environment because the current place have a stream around it whereby children and teachers have to leave whenever clouds form because the stream is impassable.


He stated that follow-ups have been made to DEBS and PEO offices to ensure a new place is found adding that the community is more than ready to contribute upfront materials.


The area MP also visited Taonga Primary school in Msanga ward in chief Mishoro’s area where a 1 x 3 classroom block is under construction.