Ban on pigs and pork lifted

pig farm
pig farm

Government has with immediate effect lifted the ban on the movement of pigs and pork products in Southern Province.


Southern Province Veterinary Officer, Charles Maseka, told ZANIS in Choma today that the ban on the movement of pigs and pork products was put in place as a proactive measure to prevent the spread of African Swine Fever.


Dr. Maseka says 11 pigs tested positive to the disease in Kalomo and were disposed off, while 700 samples were collected for testing in the same town  Kazungula district.


Dr. Maseka has urged pig farmers and pig product traders to visit district veterinary offices to get  stock movement permits before transporting any lifestock.


He has warned that movement of livestock without a permit is an offence, adding that the department will be mounting check points to ensure compliance.


The African Swine Fever ban was effected on the  December 27, last year to prevent the spread of swine fever, which started in Lusaka.