15 year old double orphan spends nights in the cold under a tree

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Patriotic Front (PF) Munkonge Ward Councilor, in Kaputa District Jameson Musawa  has advised the civil society in the country to expand their operations rural areas  of the country.


Mr. Musawa said more NGOs in the country  should expand their operations to the rural areas because that is where their services are most needed.


Mr. Musawa said there are a number of challenges people in rural areas  face which could have otherwise been solved if some of the NGOs had  established structures in these areas.


ZANIS reports that the  ward Councilor said this in an interview in Kaputa District , yesterday.


He was reacting to concerns by some residents who expressed their concern over  a teenage orphaned girl who is homeless as she spends nights in the cold under a tree.


The  named girl 15 years old was discovered while picking food at a restaurant at one of the Guest Houses.


When interviewed the girl claimed she was a double orphan who was leaving with the cousin but the cousin left her after she got married to a man from Nsama district.


She narrated that she does not have any relative in Kaputa and does not know her home village stating that she only came to Kaputa from Luapula province with her parents who later died.


Meanwhile, the councilors who sympathized with the girl said there are no NGOs nor home based care centers in Kaputa which could help such victims.


Mr. Musawa said the girl was in an awkward situation and feared that some suspecting people could take advantage of her plight and start abusing her.

He has since asked for help from well-wishers who come to the aid of the girl.