USA : Woman tries to ‘poison husband’ with feces IV drip

Rosemary Vogel (inset) is accused of trying to poison her husband with a feces IV drip.
Rosemary Vogel (inset) is accused of trying to poison her husband with a feces IV drip.

A woman has been charged with attempting to murder her husband by putting feces into his IV drip as he recovered from surgery.

Rosemary Vogel’s husband, 66, was in a critical condition after heart surgery when she allegedly injected the feces into his IV line at Chandler Regional Medical Centre in Phoenix, Arizona.

Police told KTVK-TV that hospital staff were alerted when a warning alarm went off and allegedly saw Vogel, 65, fiddling with her husband’s IV.

A nurse saw that the IV line contained a brown matter and immediately removed it from her husband’s arm.

Chandler Police Sergeant Joe Favazzo said that Vogel then attempted to drain the fluid from the line into a wastebasket and a nurse intervened.

Vogel’s purse was searched and three syringes were found inside. Two filled with fluid and a third filled with human waste, Sgt Favazzo said.

Tests on the substance in her husband’s IV line determined it was feces.

“This is the first that I’ve heard where fecal matter has been injected into an IV system,” Sgt. Favazzo told KTVK.

Vogel’s husband was expected to survive the alleged murder attempt.

“He’s in his recovery process not only from his medical procedure, but from this attempt on his life,” Sgt Favazzo said.

Vogel was arrested and is in custody pending a $100,000 bond. She is charged with attempted murder and vulnerable adult abuse.

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