Scott cautioned against agitating a by-election in Kasama

Geoffrey Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Mwamba - GBM
The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has cautioned republican vice President Guy Scott against agitating for a by-election in Kasama Central constituency.

Dr. Scott who is also Patriotic Front (PF) vice president had recently dared PF Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba to resign if he was man enough an indication that has been perceive to imply that the ruling party is ready to go for by-election in Kasama Central.

But FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi has observed that it will be an unfair if by calling for Mr. Mwamba’s resignation the ruling PF has a by-election in mind.

And Mr. Chipenzi notes that as long as the members of the ruling PF continue to fan confusion and continue calling for the resignation of its own party members, it will have difficulties in maintaining membership.

Mr. Chipenzi has since advised that if the PF is to govern the country better it has to cease the intra-party conflicts now before the conflicts worsen.

He says the PF should exhibit serious maturity if it is to survive in the country’s political arena as it is the only political party in the country that has been engulfed with serious intra-party conflicts and that such intra-party conflicts do not end, the ruling party risks losing membership.