Police post opens in Mwandi district in Western province

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani
Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani

GOVERNMENT has commissioned a police post in Mwandi district in Western province with three more to be constructed in three districts of the province to expedite development.
The three police stations will be constructed in Mulobezi, Limulungu and Lealui.
Opening Mwandi police station, Home Affairs Minister Ngosa Simbyakula said Government is committed to spur economic development through the expansion of infrastructure by actively involving citizens in priority setting and project development.
He said a safer and crime free environment resulting from the Police station, that has gobbled over K1 million, will translate in increased social and economic activities in Mwandi.
“Mwandi district is strategically located within the tourism corridor between Livingstone and Katima Mulilo, where if not checked, cross-border crime would be the order of the day,” he said.
He urged the police to guard against laziness in their approach to combat crime for people to optimise benefits of rapid development delivered by Government.
He implored officers to uphold professionalism during their operations to inspire confidence among the public.
“It is Government’s conviction that for any genuine and meaningful development to take place, there must be an environment of peace and security good enough to stimulate socio-economic growth.
We have prioritised the construction of police infrastructure in various parts of the country including Mwandi district,” he said.
Speaking at the same event, Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani said the presence of a police station guarantees public safety and will create a conducive environment  for both private and public investment to thrive.
Mrs Libongani said the presence of more officers on the ground will help reduce crimes such as stock theft, assault and gender-based violence that are prevalent in the area.
She said the police has started restructuring its establishment and during the exercise, Mwandi post will be upgraded to grade B police station with increased number of positions added to the current establishment.
Mwandi police post was established in 1972 under Sesheke police station, operating in a dilapidated building at Mwandi market before the building was condemned and deemed unfit for human habitation.
Due to lack of alternative office accommodation, the police post relocated and officers started operating under a tree.
And Barotse Royal Establishment  (BRE) representative Induna Imandi from Lumulunga in Mongu, appealed to Government to extend the service to newly created districts.
Induna Imandi said when the population increases, crime rises and police services become a necessity.
Earlier, Mwandi district commissioner Akufuna Chabi appealed to Government to construct an office for immigration officers who have been operating from a house where they are now renting two rooms.
Mrs Chabi also appealed for the establishment of a national registration card office in Mwandi.