Masaiti lightning victims put to rest

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Hundreds of people in Chief Chiwala’s area in Masaiti district yesterday turned up put to put to rest the four people from one family who were on Sunday afternoon struck by lightning and had their bodies burnt beyond recognition.

And Chief Chiwala’s representativem a Mr Sundwe, expressed shock at the misfortune, saying the death of the four from the same family was a terrible loss not only to the family but to the country as a whole.

Mr Sundwe noted that it was sad to lose productive people in society.

Some Chiwala residents spoken to by ZANIS explained that the four were in the house when lightning struck them and burnt their house.

They explained that it was raining and most people in the village were in their houses but that to their surprise they just saw heavy smoke coming from the house and when they rushed there, they found the four bodies burnt beyond recognition.

The residents said lightning struck the family around 16:00 hours on Sunday after which they reported the matter to the police.

They complained that the bodies of the deceased had been lying in the burnt house from Sunday until yesterday when well-wishers provided coffins and buried them.

“We are at loss for what happened to this family. It is indeed a loss to the family and our community because these were productive people,” Mr Sundwe said.

Mr. Sundwe named the deceased as Harriet Mushimate, 62 mother to twins –  Eunice and Maggie Kasempa – and a Magdalene Lameck.

He also thanked former PF Masaiti District chairman Stardy Mwale for assisting the bereaved family with coffins for the deceased and challenged residents to help each other in time of need.