About 16,000 is being raised daily at Solwezi toll gate.

Minister for the North Western Provinces, Nathaniel Mubukwanu (left)

About 16,000 is being raised on a daily basis from the recently introduced toll gate fees in North western Province.

North western province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu has expressed happiness saying that government has started deriving benefits from the recently introduced toll gate fees.

Mr Mubukwanu said the facility was serving its purpose going by the K16, 000 that is being collected daily at the Solwezi weigh bridge.


He however noted that there was need to put up more infrastructure to support the project.

Mr. Mubukwanu was speaking in Solwezi yesterday when he conducted an impromptu visit to the Solwezi weigh bridge to appreciate how the toll gate was fairing since its introduction in November last year.

The minister was however disappointed that some drivers were evading the weigh bridge and has since called on the Road Development Agency(RDA) regional engineer to find ways of blocking indiscipline drivers disregarding the law.

He also called on police officers manning check points to effectively work with the RDA in serving the interest of government by dealing with drivers found wanting.

Mr Mubukwanu said it is unacceptable that police officers can allow an impounded vehicle to pass through the check point without them being concerned.

And Solwezi weigh bridge Supervisor Malake Muyawa told the minister that an average of K16, 000 is collected as toll fees from the 400 trucks that pass through it daily.

Mr Muyawa said there is need to put up a police post at the weigh bridge as some drivers were taking advantage of the shortage of manpower by evading paying toll fees.



  1. Is it really like ones in SA or a makeshift specifically for trucks? If so, then it’s an ordinary weigh bridge and not toll gate.