NYDC warns youth organisations to register to operate this year-NYDC


The National Youth Development Council (NYDC) has advised youth organizations countrywide to register with the organization if they are to operate in 2014.

NYDC Chairperson Saviour Chishimba says it is unlawful for anyone to implement youth programmes in the country without registering with his organization which is a statutory body created to register youth organizations and coordinate youth development programmes.

Dr.  Chishimba said Act number seven of 1986 which established the Council empowers it to register youth organizations in the country.

He said to this effect, no organization can claim to be a youth organization either youth led or youth serving when it is not registered with the Council.

Dr. Chishimba said this in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today by NYDC Chairperson for Public Relations Committee Teddy Nyasulu.

he has since warned those who want to break the law in the name of implementing youth activities that their acts will soon be exposed and brought before law enforcement agencies to answer for their resolve to break the law with impunity.


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