Mulenga Sata dismisses accusations of bribing party members

Lusaka Deputy Mayor Mulenga Sata has dismissed accusations that he is bribing party members ahead of the Lusaka District Chairmanship elections.

Mr. Sata explains that the elections are internal of which the electorates are purely composed of top officials of the party at constituency, District and ward levels.

He says accusations that he has been bribing voters are therefore unfortunate. Meanwhile, Mr. Sata says his chances of scooping the Lusaka District Chairmanship are high.

He says he has offered himself to speak for the party members once elected and ensure there is peace and unity in the party in Lusaka district.

Mr Sata has described as a Zero-Sum equation bringing back the old Lusaka district leadership that created the crisis in the party.

He says he does not see any sense in bringing back the old leadership of the party in Lusaka district, stating that people want change and progress in the party.