The PF has created a political hog-wash in the nation – Mpombo

Former Defense Minister George Mpombo has described as political hog wash the situation that is being created in the country by the conflicting statements that government and the Technical Committee have made on final draft constitution.

The Acting Chief government spokesperson Fackson Shamenda had recently denied that government had been handed over the final draft constitution a position the Technical Committee has also challenged government to write to it and say whether it has not handed over the final draft commission to the state.

But Mr. Mpombo who is also former Deputy Ambassador to Nigeria has observed that if indeed government has received the final draft constitution going by the statement by the Technical Committee, government should come out clean and succumb to the demands of the people in the country.

Mr. Mpombo says the Patriotic Front (PF) government will only be exacerbating the political situation in the nation if it begins to play tricks or games on final draft constitution.

And Mr. Mpombo has told Qfm news in a telephone interview that the PF government should also keep it in mind that Zambians are not dull or bunch of dimwits that they can be easily swayed to believing things anyhow.

He says Zambians are now politically mature and that the conflicting statements that have been made on whether the final draft constitution has been handed over to the state or not are not inspiring confidence to the current constitution making process.