KK appointed peace envoy


THE Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa (CPIA) based in Harare Zimbabwe has recognised first president Kenneth Kaunda as an embodiment of peace and appointed him the organisation’s envoy of peace.
CPIA Eminent Person in charge of research, training and documentation, Leonard Kapungu speaking in Lusaka recently said CPIA has recognised Dr Kaunda  as the most eminent former president in Africa with a wealth of experience and will every often consult on him on issues of peacefull conflict settlements in  Africa.
Dr Kapungu in the company of executive director Father Fidelis Mukonori said their mission to Zambia was three-fold. To invite Dr Kaunda as an envoy of peace for CPIA;  to participate in annual lectures on peace every year and for Dr Kaunda to be the first contributor to the CPIA library which will be turned into a depository library for former heads of state.
Dr Kapungu said Dr Kaunda and Zambia played a pivotal role in the liberation of southern Africa which at one time hosted over 11 liberation movements between 1964 and 1992, among them those from Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.
He said with his vast knowledge the elder statesman can be used to especially that a number of areas in Africa are in conflict such as South Sudan, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Great Lakes Region and Central African Republic. CPIA would like to mobilise Dr Kaunda to play an important role in resolving conflict in these areas so that peace prevails on the continent once again.
In April, CPIA will hold a 2-day seminar where Dr Kaunda is expected to speak on the role of Zambia in the liberation struggles of southern Africa with particular reference to Zimbabwe, the future and lessons learnt. He will also be expected to discuss his personal goals. By lecturing on peace CPIA would like to take advantage of him being the only surviving liberator. In October, another seminar will be held in Lusaka where another head of state yet to be identified will speak on peace-building.
The CPIA library in Vumba Manicaland Province was set up in 2001 with the inspiration of Kofi Annan when he was still serving as United Nations Secretary-General and the Norwegian government. A Kenneth Kaunda section will be established, following the hosting of several workshops in Zambia between 2004 and 2012, with other presidents being invited later. It will be a reference library on peace-building in Africa.