Chembe DC warns civil servants against laziness

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Chembe District Commissioner, Simon Lwando, has warned newly employed officers in the district against the spirit of laissez- faire which leads to un-productivity in the district.


Mr Lwando said all civil servants in the district must take their appointments seriously and help in elevating the state and standard of the district to that befitting a qualified district.


He advised the officers to be very instrumental in the district and produce maximum results by sacrificing their lives totally for the development of the district.


The DC reminded the officers that with the introduction of the decentralization policy from central   each department will be solely responsible for their operational planning.


Mr Lwando emphasized that each department is supposed to include maintenance policy in their planning to avoid wear and tear of their infrastructures and equipments to an extent where they are rendered dilapidated.


He pointed out that the challenge of infrastructure is an issue that is being looked into and that should not be an excuse for not performing their duties.


The DC said he is happy with certain departments that have used initiatives of using private property as offices before official structures are built in the district.


Mr Mwando has further encouraged such initiative to be communicated to his office so that laid down procedures should be followed and these departments are protected in case of any misunderstandings with owners of the buildings.


He also warned all ministries that have not yet set up offices in the district to do so, saying it is mandatory for them to be in the district and not in the provincial capital of Mansa.


The District Commissioner has since given an ultimatum of up to month-end of January for all ministries to be established in Chembe district.


ZANIS reports that the Distrct Commissioner said this during a one day workshop on the Revised National Decentralization Policy by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing Decentralization Secretariat.


The workshop was called for all departmental heads in the district, ward councillors and a representative of Chief Kasoma Lwela.


Speaking during the same workshop, Ministry of Local Government and Housing Decentralization Secretariat facilitators, Ian Chibale and Susan Chilala, said the decentralization policy will transfer authority and resources from the central government to local government and empower local communities.


Mrs Chilala said this will create a platform for accountability and decision making by the local government in development based on the response according to the needs of the community.


She said this will bring closer collaboration between line ministries.


Mrs Chilala also emphasized that the revised national decentralization policy will not necessary mean total transfer of all functions but will still maintain the four structures of government which are National, Provincial, District and Sub-district.


And Mr Chibale mentioned that the sector devolution task force in the districts will be formed where the Council Secretaries will be chairing and the Council planners will be secretaries.


He further urged all civil servants to embrace the policy and have a positive attitude towards the development of the new districts.