Charlotte pledges ministers’ wives support to Chipata SOS village


Wife of Vice President, Charlotte Scott, says the Ministers’ Spouses Club will do everything possible to support the SOS Children’s village in Chipata, Eastern Province.

Mrs Scott, who is the matron of the Ministers’ Spouses Club, said the SOS village has challenges which required the support of well-wishers in society.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS after touring the village, Mrs Scott said the SOS village in Chipata is taking care of a lot of children using a normal home model which requires finances to be sustained.

She said the Ministers’ Spouses Club will undertake fund raising activities in order to raise money that will go towards assisting the village meet some of its running costs.

Mrs Scott said her club wants to supplement government’s efforts by helping vulnerable groups in rural areas, especially women and children.

Mrs Scott, who led a team of eight ministers’ spouses, said the club was in Chipata to learn and appreciate challenges that the SOS Children’s Village in Chipata is facing.

And Chipata SOS Children’s Village Director, Claire Chilambo, said the village is entirely dependent on well-wishers to meet running costs.

Ms Chilambo said the village, which opened last year, is looking after children as young as less than a year who will be at the village until they acquire life skills which is not an easy undertaking without reliable funding.

She said the village will welcome any assistance that will help the children at the institution live a better life.