Govt hands over houses to displaced Musonda residents

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——Government has handed over 57 houses for the people of Musonda Township in Kitwe, who have been displaced from their homes to pave way for the construction of Mufuchani Bridge across Kafue River.


ZANIS in Kitwe reports that Works and Supply Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga, handed over the houses and two churches to the beneficiaries in Kitwe today.


The houses have been built at a cost of K17 million with funding from the World Bank.


The completion of the houses gives way to the commencement of the construction of the bridge earmarked to begin by April, this year.


And speaking during the handover ceremony, Mr Mukanga said the ultimate construction of the Mufuchani Bridge will alleviate the suffering of the residents of Mufuchani and Ipusukilo Townships who cross the river every day.


The minister also noted that the construction of the bridge will give the people of Mufuchani access to health facilities, schools and markets to which access is currently limited.


He further noted that the bridge will enhance the socio-economic status of Kitwe as the city plans to expand its commercial activities as well as settlements in Mufuchani across Kafue River.


Mr Mukanga appealed to the beneficiaries of the new houses not to sell the houses but guard them as a rare gift from God.


He also warned that government will follow up members of the public who might want to buy these houses from the beneficiaries.


Speaking earlier, Kitwe Mayor, Chileshe Bweupe, said the construction of the bridge demonstrates the PF government’s commitment to improving the people’s living standards and improving infrastructural development by implementing the Mufuchani Bridge project which the past governments failed to deliver despite promising to do so.


Mr Chileshe said the construction of the bridge will allow for the extension of the city of Kitwe thereby decongesting the Central Business Dsitrict.


And Kwacha Member of Parliament, Boniface Mutale, said the construction of the long awaited Mufuchani Bridge will reduce the loss of lives resulting from capsizing canoes as people tried to cross the river.


Mr Mutale lamented that several lives have been lost as people tried to cross the river in their quest to accesses medical facilities, schools and other social amenities on the other side of the river.